At PRUZ we care very deeply
about our community.

We are a company that consists largely of immigrants who come from places that make clear the detrimental effects a struggling neighborhood can have on a community.

We work to improve homes, neighborhoods, and Maryland as a whole by taking the hassle of mortgage payments off your shoulders, and renovating homes that serve as the backbone of any community.

Great Opportunity to Sell Your House Fast In Baltimore, MD

We Buy As Is

Repair work is a major cost of any move. Typical buyers will, at the very least, want to see the property brought up to code before they finalize their offer. Sometimes, they might ask for a lot more than that. At PRUZ, we make the process a lot easier, and a lot cheaper.

Our policy is to buy properties as-is. This means that once a deal is reached you won’t even have to worry about sweeping up. You can move on to your fresh start without the headache and expense of extensive home repair work!

no stress

No Stress

There is a reason moving is considered one of the most stressful experiences in the United States. It’s not just the labor of putting all your possessions up in boxes and moving them to a new location. It’s also the banks, the agents, the expense.

Our policies are designed around helping you forgo that stress. With PRUZ, it’s easy. No bank, no agent, no lengthy period of repairs and expense. Just a quick, streamlined process that helps you get out from under the burden of a property you no longer want.


It’s Quick

One of the biggest benefits that come from working with us is that we move very quickly. While we, unfortunately, can’t offer the full market value on your home, we can help you get out from under the crushing monthly costs of taxes, insurance, and principal payments on a house that you can’t afford and/or don’t want anymore.

Selling a house under normal circumstances can take months—and often a lot longer than that if the house is in distressed condition. That may mean sinking thousands of dollars into a property you don’t even want.

One of our goals is to keep the pace brisk so that you can get back on track to a life of much needed financial freedom.

You Have Lots of Control

Selling your home is serious business. Your comfort matters greatly to us. That’s why we do everything in our power to give you as much control as possible from the moment you contact us.

We will send a representative right to your home to evaluate the property and ensure you are comfortable during the consultation.

Once the agreement is finalized we also empower you to choose your own date. That way you can be out of your home as quickly as needed to get out from under the cost of maintaining it, and into your new home.

It Really is The Best Option

No one really wants to be in the position of needing to sell your home fast.
But when that’s the situation, you deserve to be given respect, dignity, and as much control as possible.
That’s what we work to do at PRUZ.
If you want to gain fast freedom from the expenses of your old home then you know what to do.
Contact us today so we can get the ball rolling on a life of less stress, and more money!

For Investors

Of course, we also prioritize giving our investors a great experience. We accomplish this by using proven methods of paying back investments in a timely and effective manner.
We also have a well documented track record of ethical business practices that have been in full display in the community of Maryland for years.

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