Q. What does it take to get started with real estate investing?

A. To become a prudent investor in real estate takes time, experience, education, and most of all, a keen understanding of how to invest in real-estate.
At PRUZ investments we have the industry experience and know-how needed for wise real estate investments.
We have many properties across the Baltimore Maryland area, with a wide variety of investment opportunities.

Q. How much money does it take to start investing in real estate?

A. Most financing options will require at least a 10-20% down payment on the property. However, you also need to factor into your budget the costs of repairs, maintenance, upkeep, insurance, tax, etc.
Ultimately, the amount of money you need to start with will depend on your credit score, as well as the cost and condition of the property.

Q. How can I know that the property I invest in is worth what I pay for it?

A. We use tools and techniques to evaluate the value of our homes, but for the layperson, there are other touch points for studying the vibrancy of an area. An online search should yield local property values, while a drive through the neighborhood in question should give you an insight into its condition.
Well maintained properties generally signify a stable community, while dilapidation and transient neighbors (i.e lots of for sale signs) may indicate distress.

Q. Why invest through a company? Can’t I branch out into real estate on my own?

A. While you can make your own real estate investments at your personal discretion, professional guidance mitigates your risk and gives you access to resources that you would not otherwise have. This includes advertisement budgeting, as well as professional experience and know-how.
When you work with our properties, you benefit from the market analyses that we engaged in before ever acquiring the home in the first place.
What you spend in handling fees, you make back in the overall return on your investment. ‘

Q. Is it also necessary to work with real-estate agents?

A.  Working with real estate agents in addition to PRUZ Investments is an option, but it also is not necessary. Make the decision at your own discretion, and we will try to accommodate your needs, as well as the needs of the agent that you have partnered with. We also have a network of tested real estate agents and we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Q. What type of properties do you handle?

A. Most of the homes that we deal with are single family and/or townhouses that are in need of at least moderate repair work.

Q. Do all of your properties require rehab?

A. Most of the properties that we work with will require a degree of rehabilitation. However, we do also handle move-in ready properties for investors that do not want to take on a rehab project.
That said, if you are open to working with properties that need work, we can point you in the direction of contractors that will help you to make the repairs.

Q. Do have a contractor who can do the remodeling work?

A. Yes, our sister-entity, Fix Construction, is a full-service MBE/DBE certified MHIC licensed construction firm. Therefore our construction estimates are accurate and on point and we stand behind them!

Having said that, you are free to use your preferred contractor if you chose to do so.

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