Why You Should Invest With Us


Whether you are a complete stranger to the world of real estate investment or a seasoned hand, you will be able to find myriad opportunities at PRUZ Investments.


We are an experienced company with homes all over the Baltimore Maryland area. We have handled a great number of deals, and operate with offices all over the State.

Return of investment

Where some see a distressed property, we see a dream home that just hasn’t been realized yet. And for your purposes, that means an immense return on investment.

Why work with PRUZ investments?

Let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons.

After years in the industry, we know how to invest in real-estate.

We use our experience in the industry to find the right properties in established communities that people want to live in. Our track record is well established: at PRUZ, we have a long-standing history of improving communities while generating revenue.

But we are also a busy company, with more assets than we have the time to manage. That is why we also offer our properties to investors at reasonable rates so that they can rehabilitate and resell them at their own discretion.

The homes that we buy are usually sound on a structural level, but also in need of some sort of repair. A little bit of love and elbow grease though, and the property turns into a profitable investment that bolsters neighborhoods and delights home buyers.

Keep in mind that choosing the right property to invest in is one of the biggest and most important aspects of finding success in the world of real-estate. It is also something that we take care of for you.

Basically, we just do the legwork. Finding the right location is more than half the battle anyway. As they say, time is money, and the first thing we do is save some of it for you.

We Also Have Pre-Renovated Properties

Maybe you aren’t looking for a project. Sometimes it makes more sense just to invest in a property that is already ready to go. We sell homes that are move-in ready so that you can enjoy the turnkey ease of working with a maintenance-free rental property.

Build up your rental portfolio, and start collecting checks each month without doing anything more than managing your properties.

Rental properties can provide a consistent stream of income for investors over time, making them a great way to supplement revenue, or even earn a living.

We are Low Stakes

If you don’t want to do anything at all, we offer the opportunity to park/ invest your money with us and collect two-digit interest. The investment is safe and guaranteed to collect interest over time! As you already know, as opposed to Stocks, Real Estate is a tangible asset that can’t vanish overnight.

You also have the benefit of knowing that your investment is going to a business with a long history of beautifying Maryland neighborhoods!

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We Are Up For Any Deal

PRUZ Investments isn’t only for the high-rollers. We take on deals big and small. We will partner, buy and hold flips, and cooperate on development projects for mutual equity and profit-sharing. Whether your budget is big or small we would be delighted to work with you!

In short, if it’s a good business opportunity, we are interested.

An Easy In

If you have always wanted to get involved in real estate, this is a good opportunity to make it happen. We can create a short-term joint venture to make sure the arrangement works for all parties.

We Have Lots of Options

Last but not least, we also have lots and lots of options for you to consider. Our hand-selected properties and highly trained professionals mean that when you decide to make a deal with PRUZ Investments, you are given access to an immense amount of resources that will put you in the position to succeed.

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while improving your community!

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