Seller FAQ

Q. How can I sell my home quickly?

A.The first step is to give us a call! You can use our contact page to set up a no-obligation meeting with one of our representatives. We will assess the value of your house, and make an offer.

Q. What sort of improvements should I make to my home before I call you?

A. One of the biggest headaches of moving is that there are a lot of little things that need fixing around the house. That’s one headache you can avoid if you decide to do business with Pruz. We buy houses exactly as is and renovate on our own later.
This means that if you decide to sell to us, you don’t even have to sweep the floor!

Q. I am behind on my payments. Can I still sell to you?

A. Selling to Pruz may actually be in your favor if you are behind on your payments. We work very quickly. This means that you can potentially sell your house in a matter of weeks before you even miss another payment.
If your home is on the brink of potential foreclosure, this will serve as a great opportunity to avoid the situation.

Q. What kind of fee do you charge for coming out to assess my home?

A. Assessments are completely free! You can contact us today to arrange a no-cost evaluation of your home.

Q. Can you sell a house in pre-foreclosure?

A. The short answer? It depends. Most potential foreclosure situations are unique. We have done business with many people in the Maryland area, and are well aware that unloading an unwanted home quickly can often do a great deal to assist with debt management.
If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, give us a call. While there are no guarantees, we will be more than happy to try and find a situation that will help you unload your house, and avoid foreclosure.

Q. Will you offer me the full market value of my house?

A. If you decide to do business with us, we will send a representative out to inspect your property. After that, we will evaluate its value, and make you a fair offer. Often, we are in the position of acquiring houses that require significant renovations, in which case we subtract the money we will need to put into the property from its market value.
No matter what, you can trust that our quote to cash process is fast, fair, and beneficial to you.

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